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When I create my pieces, I am waiting for that ‘aha’ moment, a moment that excites me to the core.

My portrait work does just that as I have a personal and emotional connection with my subjects, even if I had never met them personally.  Before I begin a portrait, I try to get to know the subject (be it pet or person) as well as I can, really 'feeling' the personality of the subject.  I seem to intuitively get the correct vibe from my subjects and project them into my work. I prefer to take my own pictures as I can aim to get that exciting pose that I prefer and it allows me to get to know my subjects personally.

I always begin with my subjects’ eyes. In my portraits, my subjects’ soul and personality must be present or I will start a completely new one.  I never erase and try again.  I caress their faces and fur as I paint them, as if I know them intimately working in either graphite or watercolour.

I aim to evoke emotion in my viewers.  When I present a portrait to a client, nothing is more gratifying as an artist, than seeing tears well up in their eyes, as the portrait brings the memories and love of the person or pet to them.  I know that the love and care that I took to paint or draw the portrait will be carried on my my client’s ownership of the portrait and memories of their loved ones.

Art has proved to be my most satisfying therapy that cannot be explained in words.  I use it for the joy of what I am living for, and to share it with others.

No matter what I paint next, I will put my own soul into it while keeping the memory of a subjects’ soul alive forever.



My skills also include Graphic Design and tattooing (check out the information in my News feed!). Please... enjoy my work...


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