Business card design


Children's Book Illustration

 Children's Book Illustration


Business card design

Brochure design (front of 3 fold brochure)

Business card design

Business Card Design


Packaging design

Packaging sticker design

Jory's World -a book about an autistic boy that I will be publishing soon!

Logo Design

Logo design

 Book Cover redesign


Poster promoting book I illustrated 2011

 Sign creation

Hand painted on wood panel


 Self Promotion Poster


Album Cover design 


 Greeting Card design


Resume design


Promotional Magazine Layout 


 Magazine Spread Page 1


 Magazine Spread Page 2


Magazine Spread Page 3 


 Magazine Spread Page 4


Callout project 


 CD cover design


 Packaging design/die lines


 Event poster


 Typography poster


 CD design




Illustrated and design


 Travel/event poster


 Typography poster - Illustrative



 Logo design


Event poster

Illustrated and designed 


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